Who are these workers?

Our workers are highly educated people from around the world. We interview and vet every single worker before they're allowed onto the platform, and we continue monitoring their work through a variety of statistical methods and quality controls to ensure that they always provide the most accurate results.

What languages do you support?

All of our workers are fluent in English, and many of them are fluent in other languages as well. In total, we have workers fluent in 20+ languages and growing, from Spanish and French, to Icelandic and Thai. If you have tasks that require workers fluent in specific languages, and we don't yet support these languages, just contact Hybrid Support and we'll do our best to source specific language speakers for you.

How does pricing work?

When creating a new project, the price per response is directly paid to each worker. We also charge a 40% commission fee on top of this price. For example, if your project contains 100 tasks, and you specify a price per response of $0.10, then 100 * $0.10 = $10.00 is paid to workers, and the total cost of your project is $14.00 (the extra $4.00 is our commission fee).

If you belong to an academic institution or a non-profit, we do offer special pricing. Please contact Hybrid Support for more details.

How much should I pay workers?

We suggest pricing tasks so that workers earn at least $0.20-0.25 / min. For example, if a task takes workers 30 seconds on average, then the price should be set around $0.10 - $0.12.

However, keep in mind when estimating how long a task takes that you yourself are often more familiar and quicker with the task, workers may be on slower Internet connections, there are likely many difficult edge cases, etc. In our experience, posters often underestimate how long a task takes by 30-50%. So although you may think a task takes you only 60s on average, it may take others 90s on average. If your task is being completed slower than expected, you can come back later and change the price per response.

If you're unsure how much to price, you can always email support@gethybrid.io for pricing help.

Note: we do have an autopricing feature coming soon. We'll continue offering the option to set the price paid to workers yourself, but we'll also be able to automatically price tasks for you.